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Attract, Develop, and Retain Best Talent with Ellucian Talent Management Suite (General)
Cathy Galleher, (Ellucian)
The Ellucian Talent Management Suite is a comprehensive technology solution that helps institutions manage the complete employee lifecycle—from recruiting through career development. This sophisticated talent management solution, developed by Cornerstone OnDemand, is customized to meet the unique needs of higher education professionals. Join us to learn more.

Automation of Colleague Reports and Processes (Colleague)
Edie Cox, Laramie County Community College
Do you ever have the feeling you are wasting time waiting for a process to finish? Do you ever wish you could have that report waiting for you, instead of you waiting for it? This session will demonstrate how to automate Colleague processes and reports so that you have the results when you need it without the waiting.

Best Practices & Technologies for Banner/Colleague Reporting Environment (General)
Caitlyn Gill, Global Software, Inc.
Join our session to learn how education institutions like Stephen F. Austin, Weber State University and Tennessee Board of Regents leverage access to live Banner/Colleague data in Excel to save time and resources on higher education reporting each week. Spreadsheet Server enables colleges and universities to do away with reliance on staging areas, data warehouses, or manually rekeying data into a spreadsheet. Be empowered to leverage Excel with powerful drill-down capability from your institution’s most critical data, including: • Grants • Student loans • Financial aid • Enrollment statistics • Rolling budgets • Demographics With Spreadsheet Server, you will be equipped to handle any reporting challenge without leaving Excel’s familiar interface. Above all, you will be able to prepare intuitive and accurate reports in much less time. Say goodbye to reporting all-nighters!

Colleague GE Reporting:  Get Even With Gainful Employment (Colleague)
Shannon Eskam and Tonya Clemons, Casper College
Come ‘gain’ useful tips and tricks to utilizing the Colleague GE reporting features. Session will include a brief discussion on Casper College’s implementation of GE reporting through Colleague including lessons learned and useful tips. We will also have an open discussion regarding the steps and processes other schools are using.

Colleague in the Cloud – Your Journey Your Way (Colleague)
Joe Street, Ellucian
What does it really mean to be in the cloud?  Learn about the options you have with Ellucian to give you the flexibility higher education demands and how to prepare for the journey. Whether you are considering a Hosted or SaaS model, we will clear misconceptions and have real conversations about all of your options, helping you determine what is best for you. We will cover how each option is cost-effective, scalable with reliable IT architecture.  We will also bust myths about the cloud – sharing the real story for higher education.

Colleague Q&A: Information Sharing Roundtable (Colleague)
Louisa Hunkerstorm, Central Wyoming College
This is the place to bring your questions about how your regional colleagues are using Colleague! Ever wondered what people put in a particular field? If anyone has found a trick to streamline a time-consuming process? How people track a certain piece of information? Bring those questions and bring your knowledge to share with others. We will work to match questions with those who know the answers.

Colleague Self-Service Budget and Projects Accounting (Colleague)
Michael Randall and Pam DeMartin, Laramie County Community College
Thinking about Self-Service Budget and/or Projects Accounting implementation. Come see how LCCC implemented and how it has worked for them. Presentation will include both Colleague Financials and IT setup.

Communications Management Tips and Tricks (Colleague)
Julie Wilson, Laramie County Community College
Learn the basics of Communication Management and also a few tips and tricks to customize, track, and send canned communications from Colleague.

Connecting SAP to Retention (General)
Dianne Fulmer, FATV
We all want to ensure students are successful and graduate, but we know some will struggle along the way. This session will discuss how Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) relates to retention. Learn the importance of a proactive communication strategy about SAP to ensure retention as you review SAP principles. Review of case studies showing how schools are actively communicating with students about SAP.

Creating Visual & Interactive CROA Reports (Colleague)
Adam Lange, A. Lange Consulting
It is often necessary to move beyond static reporting to support the objectives of data-driven decision-marking. This session will explore the many options for creating dynamic and engaging reports in CROA and Web Intelligence. Attendees will see live demonstrations of interactive Web Intelligence features, including input controls, element linking, hyperlinks, commentary, and more!

Curriculum Q&A (Colleague)
Joe Fischer, Ellucian
This roundtable discussion will focus on the Top 10 highlights for Curriculum Management. Plan to attend, share your experiences, bring your questions, and learn new tips and tricks.

Data Governance Panel Discussion (General)
Edie Cox, Stacy Maestas, Sarah Smith (Laramie County Community College), and Nicole Anderson (WCCC)
Come meet this panel, Edie Cox, Stacy Maestas, Sarah Smith (LCCC) and Nicole Anderson (WCCC), who have worked together to implement Data Governance processes for data standardization and reporting. They will share how they began this venture, the pros and cons, the process design, how data is standardized and common reporting. Learn tips to avoid Garbage In – Garbage Out.

Design Magic with Microsoft (General)
Dana McCammon, Laramie County Community College
So you found an image to illustrate your point, but the background is distracting. You found another image that might work, but the color doesn’t really fit the theme. Who has time to learn Photoshop or the funds to buy it? There is hope for all you would-be-designers, you artists-in-waiting, you busy professionals with no spare time. Many common design problems can be solved with the Microsoft products. Make your flyers pop, your presentations shine… you can even make words and images play nice together. Now that would be some trick!

Developing a Project Management Framework (General)
Carolyn Holcomb and Joe Deer, Western Nebraska Community College
Change is inevitable. Anyone trying launch a new initiative knows how challenging it can be to successfully implement these changes. Keeping track of the projects taking place on your campus and shifting the culture to accept these changes can also be quite difficult. Learn how WNCC is working to incorporate a project management framework into our campus culture. Topics will include a brief overview of project management and project charters, as well as our project management framework including the importance of sponsors, and tools that we have developed to help with project intake, prioritization, implementation, tracking and communication. Discussion will also include lessons learned… so far.

Documenting IT Using OneNote & TFS (General)
Karleen Clark, Colorado Mountain College
Colorado Mountain College’s IT department has historically struggled with keeping documentation current and easy to use. Combining OneNote with TFS has allowed Colorado Mountain College to create an easy to access environment with OneNote containing quick access launch documents linked to TFS for more detailed information, a code repository and easy project management using the SCRUM framework.

Ellucian Analytics powered by Ethos – A Game Changer for Higher Education (General)
Mike Kennedy, Ellucian
A SaaS solution built on a single data source across applications, departments, personas all while using the best of the best market ‘tools’. Ellucian Analytics is purpose built for higher education processes and users. It allows for a different way of working with data, provides easy access to related data [views] and dynamically changes planning and decision-making on campuses throughout the higher education industry. No matter who pulls data from where and for what purpose, everyone is drawing from the same pool of information, updated in real time.

Ellucian CRM Advise (General)
Brian Geraghty, Ellucian
Ellucian CRM Advise, part of the Ellucian CRM suite, can help your institution improve student success and retention efforts by providing new capabilities across the full arc of the student experience.  Join us to hear how this new solution applies embedded analytics on key performance indicators to drive personalized scorecards and dashboards, automate and track engagement processes, and enable your institution to make informed decisions about how to best support your students and strengthen your programs.

Ellucian Ethos Platform – Why does it matter?  (Colleague)
Mike Kennedy, Ellucian
Modernizing your campus, innovating to meet constituent demand all takes an intense amount of effort. Integration, data exchange, navigating information, choosing your device, and the list goes on. The Ellucian Ethos Platform is the cornerstone of our product strategy. We want to expose you to the platform and how it drives our design, develop and deployment decisions and discuss how you can begin integrating this within your current environment.

Colleague Self-Service Financial Aid (Colleague)
Aaron Odom, Northern Wyoming Community College District
This session will highlight the functionality and features in the Colleague Self-Service Financial Aid and allow you to see a live demo of the solution that is now available to your students regarding their financial aid awards and the where they are within the Financial aid process.

Help Students Complete On Time with Colleague Student Planning (Colleague)
Joe Fischer, Ellucian
Colleague® Student Planning is designed to help students clarify, plan, and track their course of study in order to progress more confidently to a degree. It provides students with the self-service tools they need to register & develop a plan they can follow. We will even show how the institution can access reports delivered in CROA 2.2.

How to Solve Reporting Problems with Synoptix (Vendor)
Gabriela Alvarado, Synoptix
Discussing the top features required for accurate, automated reporting. (Examples) Saving time by removing the IT wait time and using filters to lower report maintenance. Use the skills you already have to expedite your report writing and distribution process.

Learn All The Ways to Use Ellucan Ethos Technology Platform for Integrations (Colleague)
Mike Kennedy, Ellucian
Title says it all.

Let’s Do the Pivot Again! (General)
Mark Perkins, Laramie County Community College
Excel pivot tables are a powerful tool for exploring and summarizing data. In this workshop, participants will create pivot tables and charts, explore different data presentations, learn about filter and formatting, and more. If you’re wrestling with how to understand a large data set, this workshop is for you.

Making the Move to Colleague to the New UI Transformation (Colleague)
Joe Fischer, Ellucian
Ready to move to Colleague by Ellucian Colleague UI Transformation and take advantage of the updated, modern interface and client administration? Listen as we present the recommended path upgrading to Colleague UI Transformation and offer strategies to ensure a successful implementation.

Master Enrollment Reporting (General)
Stacy Maestas and Julie Wilson, Laramie County Community College
Did you receive an audit finding for enrollment reporting?  Are there talks of manually uploading data to NSLDS or getting rid of National Clearinghouse?  Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!  Learn how to time your Transfer Monitoring process with the Clearinghouse reporting to ensure your enrollment reporting is not a finding in the next audit.

Moving to the Cloud: Ellucian Cloud Solutions (Colleague)
Joe Street, Ellucian
Cloud solutions are transforming and improving the way higher education institutions serve both internal and external constituents. Learn about Ellucian’s portfolio of cloud solutions and how you can leverage the Ellucian Cloud for your applications. This session explains Ellucian’s cloud strategy and our direction around a scalable, cost-effective, and secure environment for managing your enterprise systems. For those who are already cloud clients, we will discuss how and when to move to the next level.

Online Purchase Orders (Colleague)
John Wood,Central Wyoming College
Come and see how Central Wyoming College implemented online purchase orders. The solution is web based and allows for a complex workflow for approvals. Participate in a discussion to help us decide how to proceed in future phases of the project including automated data entry of this process into Colleague as well as other applications of this online work flow tool.

Pell Reconciliation Made Easy (Colleague)
Michelle Massey, Laramie County Community College
Do you dread reconciling the Pell grant? Stop reaching for the Tums and learn some tricks that will make the process faster and your life easier.

Replacing FA Book Vouchers or Batch Systems with a Real-Time Financial Aid Interface (General)
Leila MacCarthy, Trimdata Corp
Implement a two‐way, real‐time interface between the campus bookstore and Ellucian Financial Aid. Students have easy access to course materials before classes start. Admins have a streamlined process that reduces errors and eliminates manual labor. Charges are authorized in real‐time and charges are posted on the student account. Integrates Colleague or Banner with most POS systems: Follett, B&N, Nebraska, Booklog, eCampus, Akademos, MBS.

Rules That Work (Colleague)
Julie Wilson, Laramie County Community College
Tired of subroutines and customizations that need updating every time there is a Colleague software update? Learn how to create rules, test them, and put them to work in Colleague. Limit award transmissions, assign communications, create saved lists and more with rules that work.

Self-Service Customization (Colleague)
Michael Randall, Laramie County Community College
Roundtable discussion on customizing Self-Service. To customize or not to customize and source control. Please bring your ideas, thoughts and lessons learned if you have customized.

Sneak Peek of SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 (Colleague)
Adam Lange, A. Lange Consulting
Join us for a live preview of the upcoming features you’ll find in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2. This latest version includes dazzling new features for Web Intelligence, including geographical charting, faster query execution, cell references, cascading input controls, comment threads, shared elements, and a highly functional HTML client (no Java required). Attendees will also hear updates relevant to IT, including the new Recycle Bin feature and the BI Administrator’s Cockpit tool.

SQL Server Database Maintenance and Performance Monitoring (General)
Tim Bjornson, Laramie County Community College
Are your Colleague and CROA SQL Server databases being adequately maintained and monitored? Don’t have the use of 3rd party database backup and performance monitoring tools? See how free, full featured, SQL Server maintenance processes developed by Microsoft MVP Ola Hallengren can be used in place of SQL Server maintenance plans to back up your databases, run database integrity checks to look for database corruption and to optimize the indexes and update the statistics of your Colleague and CROA databases to improve performance. Learn how to use SQL Server scripts to monitor SQL Server memory use to identify memory pressure and to track other SQL Server performance metrics.

Taking the Mystery out of SAVEDLISTS (Colleague)
Edie Cox, Laramie County Community College
Sometimes users simply need a list of information. Sometimes users simply need a count of something. Creating a SAVEDLIST is easy to do and can provide that instant information. This session will take the mystery out of creating SAVEDLISTS in Colleague.

Unified Analytics in the Cowboy State: A Case Study (Colleague)
Adam Lange, A. Lange Consulting
The Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC) provides coordination, advocacy, and accountability for Wyoming’s seven community colleges. Their mission requires thorough and accurate tracking of critical metrics based on mountains of data from each community college and other data partners. This case study will describe how the WCCC implemented a successful, multi-faceted reporting solution using SAP BusinessObjects. Attendees will learn about the technical and organizational elements of the project, including data governance, security, and report design.

Using a Data Warehouse to Automate VFA (or any!) Reporting Requirements (General)
Lennox Hardin, ASR Analytics, LLC
The primary goal of Pima’s data warehouse project is to provide wider access to the College’s mission and KPI measures while simultaneously delivering more data for interactive exploration using a modern business intelligence platform. Such a large undertaking for a college that had a limited BI deployment in the past, raised the usual issues of data availability, consistency, and understanding.

An effective approach to address this challenge is to choose a defined purpose and outcome for the first phases of the data warehouse. Starting with ASR’s “Student Success Analytics” (SSA) data warehouse model, Pima chose the Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) metrics and iteratively build interactive reports and dashboards in SSA to address these requirements. The VFA is a practical, comprehensive, user-centric report that related closely to the College’s mission and KPI measures and requires a detailed understanding of the institution’s business processes. This approach has significantly improved PCC’s reporting practices to meet end users’ expectations and deliver significant value to the College’s business. However, any similar reporting initiative like Complete College America (CCA) could also be used.
We will discuss keys aspects of this challenging task, including:

  • Model construction
  • Locating data sources
  • Transforming the data
  • Building dimensions
  • Defining measures
  • Designing visualizations
  • Data validation

What’s New and Ahead for Ellucian Elevate (General)
Joe Fischer, Ellucian
Learn how Ellucian Elevate supports workforce development and continuing education. See the new features and functionality in the latest release and learn what’s still to come. Learn how Elevate makes it easy to manage courses, enroll students, market programs, and report on progress.

What’s New Colleague Financial Aid (Colleague)
Michelle Taylor, Ellucian
In this session, we will share highlights from the past year and preview a broad range of upcoming topics for the new processing year and beyond.

Why Colleges Should Take a Page from Amazon to Meet Student Expectations (General)
Kent Brooks, Casper College
College students are accustomed to using highly personalized interactive consumer technologies such as Amazon and Netflix. Enterprise software in higher education has failed to keep up with the personalized nature of software tools. Casper College changed from a traditional campus intranet portal to Classlink’s device agnostic personal cloud desktop for students, faculty, and staff. This cloud-based software tool creates a personalized aggregation point for all campus users to access all their applications and files as well as providing single-sign-on (SSO). The demonstration will reinforce why Classlink provides our users a customized path to all relevant software, apps and files. We will also provide a brief discussion of our experience in developing an integration for Colleague.