Break Out Sessions-Colleague

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Keeping Colleague Running in Tip-Top Shape (Colleague)
Edie Cox, Laramie County Community College
Have you ever had a day when Colleague seemed a little tired, slow and run down? Chances are a little maintenance is in order. Where does one begin to keep Colleague running like a well-oiled machine? This session will provide guidelines and tips to keeping Colleague running in tip-top shape.

Cloning Made Simple (Colleague)
Tim Bjornson and Edie Cox, Laramie County Community College
Cloning our Colleague system used to take hours for Laramie County Community College. We have our process down to a science where it only takes a couple of hours. Come learn our process to make your life simpler.

EDX: Leveraging the Process Handler (Colleague)
Mike Brown, Northern Wyoming Community College District
The session will provide great tips and tricks for automating EDX transactions with a focus on LDAP and LMS integrations.

Colleague HR Roundtable (Colleague)
Scott Miller, Central Wyoming College
How does each institution leverage Colleague HR to assist in their operations. This Roundtable provides dialogue on how everyone uses Colleague in their offices. Let’s share our tips and tricks.

Centralized SQL Server Notification Processes Used at LCCC (Colleague and Banner)
Tim Bjornson, Laramie County Community College
LCCC will demonstrate how to set up a centralized SQL Server notification process to be routinely notified about any failed SQL Jobs that have occurred on any SQL Server in your environment, a centralized process to be routinely notified about all missed backups that have occurred on any SQL Server in your environment and a centralized process to be routinely notified if low Page Life Expectancy has occurred on any SQL Server in your environment. Also covered is how to configure SQL Database Mail to be automatically sent an email with the results of these notification processes in a tabular format. These concepts can be used to develop other SQL Server notification processes like proactive notification for ongoing high CPU activity on a SQL Server or database blocking activity if a third party SQL Server monitoring application is not in use at your school.

Getting Reports That Work: Communicating with Institutional Research (Colleague and Banner)
Sarah Smith, Laramie County Community College
Have you ever needed a report or spreadsheet from your institutional research office but didn’t know how to ask? Or have you ever requested a report and the results just weren’t what you were looking for? This presentation will provide tips and tricks on communicating and collaborating with institutional researchers so that you always can get exactly what you need.

Using CROA to Streamline Data Quality Processes and Set Benchmarks (Colleague and Banner)
Sarah Smith, Laramie County Community College
Learn about some of the reports that LCCC uses for ensuring data quality and for setting benchmarks by utilizing advanced CROA features. We will cover how the reports were initiated, useful tips for creating the reports in CROA, and how the reports are maintained.

Data Security Requirements for Post-Secondary Institutions(Colleague and Banner)
Brandi Payne Cervera, Laramie County Community College
This session provides an overview of the US Department of Education’s data security requirements, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act’s (GLBA) Safeguards Rule, how and when to report a data breach, available tools, and best practices. Learn how your school can avoid risks to its federal student aid access by complying with these data security requirements.

Admissions, IT, a New CRM & Admissions Forms: A Collaborative Effort (Colleague)
Gretchen Foster, Western Nebraska Community College
Hear about how a small community college, and even smaller IT and Admissions staff, partnered with Fire Engine RED to create a new application, create the ELF import, and build the CRM in seven months. The presenters will share how they prepared for the project, what needed to be done before the first meeting, and where they are now six weeks live.

Excel Tricks and Tips (Colleague and Banner)
Sarah Perkins, Laramie County Community College
“Excel Tricks and Tips” will introduce the novice to intermediate Excel user to tricks and techniques that can save the user time! This is a good precursor to “Let’s Do the Pivot”.

Let’s Do the Pivot (Colleague and Banner)
Ann Murray, Laramie County Community College
This session introduces the user to things such as setting up tables, filtering, and VLOOKUP and more. Learning these skills will help the user same time, and they help keep the data valid and reliable!

Learning from Process Mapping (Colleague and Banner)
Janet Webb and Julie Gerstner, Laramie County Community College
Laramie County Community College recently standardized the use of process mapping across the functions on campus as part of their assessment planning. The exercise of process mapping has helped the institution understand where gaps and duplications of effort in processes exist as well how to better manage transitions and changes in processes. We are able, as a result, to get better at what we do every day. Join us in this session to learn about process mapping, participate in a short mapping exercise and become familiar with the major principles so you can facilitate process mapping on your campus. We are eager to share the lessons we have learned over the past year with other campuses striving to make their processes better for students and employees! The content in this presentation is a basic level introduction and applicable to anyone in any position at an institution regardless of position or the size of the institution.

What’s New with Colleague Human Resources (Colleague)
Dave Schroeder, Ellucian
In this session, you will get an overview of Colleague HR and Payroll release highlights from the past year, projects in flight and our plans for the future. We will also share how Colleague Self-Service transforms the constituent experience at your institution from students to faculty and staff. Take this opportunity to learn what has been delivered and the new functionality! From profile information to the graduation application, faculty grading and attendance tracking and everything in between, we will provide you with a high level overview. If you have started implementing Colleague Self-Service but aren’t sure where to go next we will provide some tips as well.

What’s New with Colleague Financial Aid (Colleague)
Joe Fisher, Ellucian
In this session, we will share highlights from the past year and preview a broad range of upcoming topics for the new processing year and beyond. We will also highlight the functionality and features in the Colleague Self-Service Financial Aid and allow you to see a live demo of the solution that is now available to your students regarding their financial aid awards and the where they are within the Financial aid process.

What’s New with Colleague Student and Student Planning (Colleague)
Joe Fisher, Ellucian
In this session, we’ll share the latest updates on recent Colleague Student deliveries, projects in flight, and future plans on the horizon. We will also sxhare how Colleague® Student Planning is designed to help students clarify, plan, and track their course of study in order to progress more confidently to a degree. It provides students with the self-service tools they need to register & develop a plan they can follow. We will even show how the institution can access reports delivered in CROA 2.2.

What’s New with Colleague Finance (Colleague)
Dave Schroeder, Ellucian
In this session, you’ll get a checklist of Colleague Finance conference highlights, a quick update of what has happened over the past year, and a look at what Ellucian is working on for the future.

Ellucian’s Travel and Expense Management (Colleague and Banner)
Robin Hanselman, Ellucian
Come learn more about Ellucian® Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River. Ellucian TEM helps you establish appropriate travel and expense policies, encumber travel funds, authorize expenditures, process reimbursements, electronically store supporting attachments, and manage approvals—all from an easy-to-use SaaS solution that is flexible and configured according to institutions’ defined processes. Designed with responsive design technology, Ellucian TEM can be accessed from any device, including the ability to upload receipts directly from a mobile device.

Critical Path Testing (Colleague and Banner)
Karleen Clark, Colorado Mountain College
This session will focus on the tricks and tips for Developing and implementing a Critical Path Testing plan.

Ellucian’s Elevate (Colleague and Banner)
Karleen Clark, Colorado Mountain College
This session will focus on the tricks and tips for using Ellucian’s Elevate software.

Processing State Health, Dental and Life Insurance Benefits for Wyoming Community Colleges (Colleague)
Pam Roberts, Central Wyoming College
Sharing the workflow that CWC Payroll uses to process State of Wyoming health, dental and life insurance benefits including the worksheet we have created to calculate what should be loaded in each benefit code for employee and employer premiums. A review of how to set up life insurance premiums so that they can be updated monthly using Life Insurance Premium Update in Colleague and then a roundtable so that everyone can share the processes their community colleges use to load their health and dental benefits to help each other stream-line this process if possible.

Together We Conquer (Colleague and Banner)
Karleen Clark, Colorado Mountain College
This is a brainstorming session on how we, RMUG member institutions, could effectively combine to conquer institutional needs together. Examples might be sharing webinars, etc. Come prepared to think outside the box.

Critical Questions For Implementing Data Governance (Colleague and Banner)
Ann Murray and Edie Cox, Laramie County Community College
Your institution relies on accurate and meaningful data for processing and reporting. With an integrated system, like Colleague and Banner, it is critical that data are identified and categorized for its purpose. Implementing Data Governance is easy once the critical questions are identified and the guidelines are outlined. In this session, you’ll learn about the process LCCC used to implement data governance on campus.

Business Objects 4.2 Now What? (Colleague)
Steve Thatcher, A Lange Consulting
So you have upgraded to Business Objects 4.2? How do you get the most out of this upgrade? Join Steve Thatcher from A. Lange Consulting to explore many new features including Shared Elements, Parallel Query Execution, Geographic Charts, Cascading Input Controls and much more.

How Did I Tell Them? Better Communications through Communications Manager (Colleague)
Shauna Best and Jan Streeter, Laramie County Community College
Learn how to build snail mail and email correspondence that will automatically personalize themselves to the student. Communications Manager will allow you to create documents, electronic correspondence, and track when it was sent. You can even set them up to send automatically. Come learn how to make your communications easier, how to track your communications, and how it can help not only Student Records and Financial Aid, but also Accounts Receivable, Payroll and others.

Course Correction: Realigning Your Institution’s ERP Goals & Plans (Colleague and Banner)
Carolyn Holcomb, Western Nebraska Community College
Have you ever felt like your efforts have gotten a little off-course? During this presentation, you will learn about Ellucian’s Action Planning as well as their Realignment Planning services. WNCC is one of very few institutions to have 3 consecutive Action Plans with Ellucian. Learn how Action Planning and Realignment Planning works, how these efforts have benefited our institution, and the new direction it helped set for our efforts in managing future ERP changes.

Get The Report You Need (Colleague)
Julie Wilson, Ferrilli
Colleague has a lot of canned reports you may not be using. These reports can be further modified using the Additional Selection Criteria field. Come learn how.

Wait…How’d You Do That? (Colleague)
Julie Wilson, Ferrilli
Ever see someone do something cool in Colleague and wonder how they did it. I will share a few of my favorites and you be sure to bring at least one to share.

Savedlist Creation (Colleague)
Julie Wilson, Ferrilli
Learn ways to quickly create savedlists in Colleague without using a report manager.

Rules That Work (Colleague)
Julie Wilson, Ferrilli
This session will teach you the basics of rule writing and how to put that rule to work in Colleague to create savedlists, add paragraphs, request documents and so much more.

ADA Assistive Technologies for Employees and Students (Colleague and Banner)
Kevin Yarbrough, Laramie County Community College
Have you ever wondered how screen reading software works? Have you ever worked with live captioning for a meeting or classroom? Come to this hands on session and learn how LCCC uses ADA Assistive Technologies to benefit Employees and Students. This session will cover the different ways people with disabilities interact with ADA compliant technologies on campus.