Break Out Sessions- Vendor & Ellucian

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Beyond Imaging: The Next Generation of Paperless (Vendor – Colleague & Banner)
Tom O’Rourke, Softdocs
The idea of the ‘paperless institution’ has evolved over the years. From basic imaging and paper file conversions, to modern day enterprise content management platforms, schools are looking for technology to help meet growing demands from students and staff alike. Their expectation for immediate access to relevant content from any device at any time is forcing institutions to eliminate paper and create a true centralized repository for information. Join us for a look at best practices around automating common HR, finance and student services processes to assist in creating a campus-wide ‘paperless’ initiative.

Unify Campus Payments with TouchNet Payment Center (Vendor – Colleague & Banner)
Cylinda Duran, TouchNet
Payment Center is an affordable, turnkey payments solution that helps you hold the line on transaction costs. It offers you centralized management of your payment system through a single system dashboard. It is a scalable, deeply integrated, and expandable solution that unifies campuswide payments. This session will explore the features of payment center, and how it can improve business office operations.

Canvas, LMS Tips and Tricks (Vendor – Colleague & Banner)
Casey Sato, Instructure
We will be presenting on tips and tricks with Canvas as well as provide a Q&A opportunity for admins and faculty. Come join us for this roundtable discussion.

What’s New with Colleague Human Resources (Colleague)
Dave Schroeder, Ellucian
In this session, you will get an overview of Colleague HR and Payroll release highlights from the past year, projects in flight and our plans for the future. We will also share how Colleague Self-Service transforms the constituent experience at your institution from students to faculty and staff. Take this opportunity to learn what has been delivered and the new functionality! From profile information to the graduation application, faculty grading and attendance tracking and everything in between, we will provide you with a high level overview. If you have started implementing Colleague Self-Service but aren’t sure where to go next we will provide some tips as well.

What’s New with Colleague Financial Aid (Colleague)
Joe Fisher, Ellucian
In this session, we will share highlights from the past year and preview a broad range of upcoming topics for the new processing year and beyond. We will also highlight the functionality and features in the Colleague Self-Service Financial Aid and allow you to see a live demo of the solution that is now available to your students regarding their financial aid awards and the where they are within the Financial aid process.

What’s New with Colleague Student and Student Planning (Colleague)
Joe Fisher, Ellucian
In this session, we’ll share the latest updates on recent Colleague Student deliveries, projects in flight, and future plans on the horizon. We will also sxhare how Colleague® Student Planning is designed to help students clarify, plan, and track their course of study in order to progress more confidently to a degree. It provides students with the self-service tools they need to register & develop a plan they can follow. We will even show how the institution can access reports delivered in CROA 2.2.

What’s New with Colleague Finance (Colleague)
Dave Schroeder, Ellucian
In this session, you’ll get a checklist of Colleague Finance conference highlights, a quick update of what has happened over the past year, and a look at what Ellucian is working on for the future.

Ellucian’s Travel and Expense Management (Colleague and Banner)
Robin Hanselman, Ellucian
Come learn more about Ellucian® Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River. Ellucian TEM helps you establish appropriate travel and expense policies, encumber travel funds, authorize expenditures, process reimbursements, electronically store supporting attachments, and manage approvals—all from an easy-to-use SaaS solution that is flexible and configured according to institutions’ defined processes. Designed with responsive design technology, Ellucian TEM can be accessed from any device, including the ability to upload receipts directly from a mobile device.

A Better View to Student Account Receivables Equals BETTER RESULTS (Vendor – Colleague & Banner)
Scott Delleville, Tuition Management Systems (TMS)
Make it clear, make it concise, make it easy, and make it effortless. Too good to be true? While nothing is ever pure utopia, learn about how Casper College and Northern Wyoming Community College implemented integrated technology that resulted in lower receivables and time saving shortcuts. See how starting with a clear and concise student account presentment, a more intuitive process to communicate on-time payment options, and a robust self-service tool can decrease calls and inquiries to the business and student financial services offices. Learn how using an integrated student account center can save time, effort, and improve accuracy and collection of on-time payments.

Risk Management and Compliance: Addressing Uncertainty with Integrity (Vendor – Colleague & Banner)
Virgil Lloyd, Nelnet Campus Commerce
With advancing technologies comes risk and requirements to adhere to new laws, regulations and policies. Institutions are on the front lines here—working daily to mitigate their risk and keep current with the latest compliance standards. In this session we will address payment risk in conjunction with PCI compliance standards and safeguarding credit card and personal data.

How to Champion Digital Content Delivery (Vendor – Colleague & Banner)
Jenna Boswell, RedShelf
Learn how digital distribution platforms are leveraging your existing systems to deliver digital course materials seamlessly at a lower cost to students. In utilizing our platform, campus teams benefit from the seamless billing, system integrations and communication portal that make this program successful and scalable. Not only that but delivery of real-time analytics on student usage brings a new level of insight into student behavior to help identify at-risk students more quickly.

Shorten Time to Degree & Improve Student Success with Automated Transcript Capture (Vendor – Colleague & Banner)
Tony Mirabelli, Hyland
Most higher education institutions are experiencing unprecedented opportunities for enrollment growth. To seize those opportunities, most schools will have to find better, more efficient ways to accommodate the increasing volume of transfer students bringing previously obtained college credit. Given the choice, students are more likely to attend colleges that can rapidly evaluate transfer credit and accurately perform degree audits. Brainware for Transcripts helps you effortlessly identify best-fit prospects and product student success rates with insight to potential student challenges. The solution automatically delivers high school coursework information to your admissions processes, so prospective students get responses in days instead of weeks.

Accelerate Your Banner 9 Adoption Timeline (Banner)
Joe Harple (Remote), Ellucian
The modernization of Banner 9 has been completed and new modules and enhancements have been rolled out. How should you prepare for the move to Banner 9? What hardware and software do you need? What skill sets will be required? How are customizations handled in the new software? Join us to learn the answers to these questions and more to get you to Banner 9.

FA~Link Colleague to Bookstore Interface (Vendor – Colleague & Banner)
Afshin Ghafouri, Trimdata
FA~Link is a real-time, two-way interface allowing students to use Financial Aid and Sponsorship funds set up in Colleague directly at the bookstore cash register. Charges are authorized in real time and an invoice is created on the student account in Colleague, so both systems are in balance at all times. Manual processes and paper vouchers are eliminated.