Break Out Sessions- Vendor & Ellucian

PCI-EZ: Better Security and Less PCI paperwork (Colleague & Banner)
Brian Prosser, TouchNet
Data breaches aren’t going away. In fact, they are increasing, and higher education is becoming an increasingly attractive target. The mandatory processes and procedures designed to protect your institution and students can be costly and labor intensive. PCI compliance is one of them.

Join TouchNet to learn how schools took a PCI-EZ approach to compliance and were able to cut the time spent on PCI paperwork; reduce their PCI footprint and deliver a better, more secure experience to their students and staff. By implementing easy to follow strategies built on certified technologies, transparent processing and a condensed merchant structure, universities were able to reduce risk, boost operational efficiency, and prepare for emerging trends as the payment ecosystem continues to evolve.

Plan, Nudge, and Schedule: Leveraging Culture Change and Technology to Create the Ultimate Integrated Approach to Student Success (Colleague & Banner)
Becky Weaver, Fox & Weaver Consulting
We know that degree plans, early alerts, and the course schedule are important components in student success. When an institution implements these without an integrated strategy and a plan for culture change, we suffer pitfalls and missed opportunities. If you have already gone down this path, it isn’t too late to fill in the gaps and improve your retention and success rates. Join us for a presentation and discussion that will help your institution achieve these critical goals!

Creating Team Success to Yield Student Success: Leveraging Strengths to Create High Flying Teams (Colleague & Banner)
Lyne Tumlinson, Lift Team Coaching
This is an interactive event aimed at all groups across the institution.

Student success depends on more than the student focused strategies we all work to employ. In order to help students stay the course, our administrative/staff teams must be successful as well. When your team works like a well-oiled machine, the members are better able to focus on strategic goals, and avoid the pitfalls of office politics and squabbles. Even the best of teams can learn more about themselves and each other to lose any toxicity and create better opportunities for student success.

Complete Reporting, Analytics and Budgeting for Colleague and Banner (Colleague & Banner)
Henry Ferguson and Bryan Trethway, Prophix
Learn how to Supercharge your Budgeting and Reporting activities with Ellucian. Prophix is the leader in Higher Education for finance, and our joint Ellucian customers love the how we help with:
Budgeting & Forecasting
· Shorten the budget cycle with integrated, enterprise-level planning
Labor Planning
· Salary and benefits planning that leverages HR data, driver assumptions and budgets
Tuition & Grants Planning
· Calculate the impact of tuition rates and grant installments on budgets and forecasts
Reporting & Analytics
Streamlined reporting and analytics to enable actionable insight

Reporting without I.T.: How to be more efficient and independent (Colleague & Banner)
Gabriela Alvarado, Synoptix
Higher education has significantly changed in the last 13 years, the need to complete financial reporting has not! Synoptix takes the knowledge from working with over 400 institutions to show you how to solve top reporting issues. We will be tackling data accuracy and distribution to provide you with valuable time-saving tips. This will be followed by a discussion on efficient ways to shorten internal procedural changes.

Actions Items in Self-Service – Keeping an Institution’s Data Current (Banner)
Digi Edwards and Brandon Stevens, Ferrilli
Action Item Processing is an Ellucian Banner Self-Service application that helps an institution get the information needed from students and constituents. The application works in conjunction with Banner Communication Management.

Action Item Processing provides an institution with the ability to create Action Items for various populations who are required to respond based on a scheduled deadline. Schedules are set-up as to when a population will be notified. The status of the notification responses can be tracked based on how your institution decides to configure the action item itself. Self-Service users who have Action Items that require a response before they can proceed with their task will be prompted with a notice and redirected to the Action Items page. These users can access a list of their assigned Action Items from the General Self-Service landing page. If a Banner Self-Service application includes support for Action Items, it will have identified processes that can be halted by one or more Action Items. Halting status codes are established during the configuration of the functionality of Action Item Processing. Action Item Processing uses functionality already provided by Banner Communication Management (BCM).
Self-service options for students, faculty and employees provide the following and each item within each cohort can be controlled via Action Item Processing depending on the institution’s policies:

• Ellucian Self-Service provides students access to their personal and academic information. Students can register for classes, view class schedules, pay fees, view financial aid information, view grades and transcripts, and update their contact information.

• Faculty and Advisor Self-Service provides designated faculty access to view their course sections, class rosters, and enter midterm and final grades. Advisors can view advisee information.

• Employee Self-Service provides access for Time Sheet Entry, Benefits Statements, and other applications for authorized staff members including Salary Planner and Web for Finance

Future Proofing your ERP (Colleague)
Kelly Sinacola, Ferrilli
Are you making decisions that align your institution for the future? Whether your goal is to better leverage your current ERP or to consider a move to another system, the first step is to understand the pitfalls lurking in your current system. Have your old customizations been outpaced by recently delivered functionality? Are those same customizations supporting inefficient or ineffective business processes? Join our session to better understand how to address these challenges and learn how to future proof your ERP.

Student Influencers > Student Ambassadors (Colleague and Banner)
Adam Metcalf, ZeeMee
Has the role of your student ambassadors remained relatively unchanged over the past several years? If you aren’t leveraging your ambassadors to be social influencers, then they are just tour guides. Learn how colleges across the globe transitioned student ambassadors into real social influencers, skilled at creating digital content far more powerful than traditional social media. This session will be presented by Adam Metcalf, the Co-Founder of ZeeMee, a social community for colleges that is now used by students in over 150 countries and 200+ colleges.

Best Practices on Gender Identity (Colleague)
Debbie Smith, Ellucian
In this session we will talk about best practices for supporting gender identity of your students within your Colleague environment.

Overview of Colleague Self Service Student features (Colleague)
Debbie Smith, Ellucian
Come learn what is currently available and what is coming soon for Colleague Student Self-Service.

eTranscript Update (Colleague)
Rick Skeel (Remote) with Debbie Smith, Ellucian
An overview session of what’s new and upcoming with eTranscripts.

Using Ethos for Integrations (Colleague and Banner)
Jeff Modzel, Ellucian
Connecting systems together with a common language, the Ethos Platform can be used to connect your Ellucian, Ellucian partner, or custom applications. Join this session to learn how to get started, what to expect, and how to prepare for building your first integration.

Enhance Your Student Housing and Staff Operations with StarRez (Colleague and Banner)
Darren Burrows, StarRez, Inc.
Are you looking to enhance your student housing experience with the latest technology? StarRez offers students the online experience they expect while also providing your staff the functionality needed to manage room assignments, reports, email communication and more. Join us as we explore some of the great features available to enhance your student experience.

Improving the Student Experience: Putting ECM to Work (Colleague and Banner)
Sutton Satcher, Softdocs
With campus system maps growing increasingly complex, institutions’ need for strong communication and efficient processes has become paramount. This session explores how higher education institutions are leveraging ECM to unify diverse systems and your SIS, develop data consistency and create new efficiencies across campus. Come learn how digitalization of processes with ECM betters the student experience and benefits employees campuswide.

Removing Manual Data Entry from your Higher Ed Processes (Colleague and Banner)
Tyler Groepper, Shamrock Solutions
Higher Ed organizations receive 80% of their content in an unstructured format. This includes student side documents as well as back office. Most of this data is not available to you for reporting or entry into your SIS or ERP. Shamrock has changed the game and can help you eliminate data entry into your Transcript, Financial Aid, Accounts Payable, HR, and other areas of your campus. Join us for this collaborative session.