Preconference Sessions

Cyber Security Preconference Sessions

Gone in Sixty Second: The Million Dollar Heist, Dr. John Cox, President, Cape Cod Community College Richard Wixsom, CIO, Cape Cod Community College

Our keynote presenters will bring us an up-close and personal look at the 2018 phishing breach at Cape Cod Community College.   Gain insight into both the high-level, political aspects of such an event along with the technical details of the breach, aftermath, and security projects implemented as a result of this breach.   

‘Flood, Fire and Cyber’ What Tabletop Exercises Don’t Teach You, Kent Brooks, IT Director Casper College; Brian Clark Network Coordinator, Casper College.

In the early hours of the Friday prior to Memorial Day 2021, a corroded pipe in a Casper College bathroom burst and began pouring 100 gallons of water a minute into the building housing campus information technology, resulting in flooding in our primary campus data center.  This is the story of a flood, fire, emergency asbestos abatement and staff resolve immediately following the event, the short and long recovery which allowed campus operations to continue allowing the summer session at Casper College, and tips and recommendations that any college should follow.

I Vant To Suck Your Google Storage, Kent Brooks, IT Director Casper College; Olivia Wickman, Financial Aid Specialist, Casper College.

Through standard institutional application processes, many institutions open a door to international parties which modern technology security tools won’t detect.  In a tale of international intrigue, learn how end-user training at Casper College and a functional users awareness of modern pop culture help identify and resolve an “intruder’s” fraudulent misappropriation of institutional resources via an unconventional use of social engineering.